OneTap Feedback survey methodology has evolved from systems used by many global retail brands.


A single question on the default screen will attract the most feedback. Even regular customers will give regular feedback if the process is quick, simple and convenient.


The OneTap Feedback screen invites customers to answer one simple question. “Are you happy with your experience today?


A single tap upon the appropriate smiley face icon provides a quick and convenient response.


Deeper insights come from optional questions on a follow-up screen.

Unhappy customers are asked a simple multiple-choice question to identify the main reason for their dissatisfaction. For example:


“What should we fix first”

  1. Staff attitude

  2. Wait time

  3. Food quality

  4. Prices


Unhappy customers are also invited to leave a comment or their contact details so the manager can address the problem.


Very unhappy customer feedback launches an immediate alert to the store manager so serious problems can be addressed in real time.


Happy customers are invited to join the Loyalty Program.

Methodology that has been road tested on millions of customers