A Cloud based analytics platform provides a pre-set agenda of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports tailored to meet the operational management needs of a multi-site network.


  • Daily Reports inform Store Managers about the level of Customer Satisfaction at their store, with breakdowns by hour and by shift to identify the best and worst performing staff.


  • Weekly Reports inform Cluster Managers of the best and worst performing stores in their area, and which shifts need focus from the manager.


  • Monthly Reports allow the CEO to monitor brand health, customer satisfaction and staff performance over the entire network, and identity ‘pain points’ in their customers’ experience.


  • CEO’s Executive Summary Report (optional) provides a detailed analysis of Customer Satisfaction across the network and granular observations for monthly distribution to Cluster Managers and Store Managers.  The fine detail in this Report will alert staff across the network that the CEO is using Customer Feedback to monitor staff performance during every shift, in every store in each cluster.

A cloud based Dashboard provides a Real Time view of each store, each cluster and the entire network.


Trend Reports monitor improvement over time, per store, per cluster and for the network.

Just one tap delivers these two mission critical benefits

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